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Using ROS 2 on RedHawk Linux

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ROS 2 is a set of software libraries and tools that makes it easy to create compelling robotic solutions across a wide variety of application domains. It provides a modular and scalable approach to robot and autonomous system development, which is important as these systems become more complex and capable. ROS 2 also enables reduced development time and cost, increased code reusability and improved software quality.

Concurrent Real-Time’s RedHawk™ Linux® provides the capability for running ROS 2 in a hard real-time environment with extremely low latency, guaranteeing real-time performance for mission-critical ROS 2 applications. Concurrent’s NightStar™ tools allow for advanced monitoring, tracing and tuning ROS 2 applications to ensure real-time response times of ROS 2 applications.

This paper provides details for installing and running ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill under the RedHawk Linux 8.4 real-time kernel, and how to use Concurrent Real-Time tools to increase the real-time performance of ROS 2 applications. Real-time performance benchmarks of executing ROS Pendulum Control demo on Ubuntu and RedHawk Linux are also presented.

Also, see how to use ROS with RedHawk on NVIDIA Jetson TX2.

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