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Run rFactor Pro Visuals Using SimWB

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SimWB Support for rFpro in Driving Simulators

SimWB supports using rFpro as a visual component in a driving simulator.
You need two machines to use the rFpro visuals:

  • RedHawk system running SimWB
  • Windows 10 (64-bit) system, running rFpro. (NVIDIA 3060 card or better is recommended.)

rFpro Setup

Figure 1: rFpro Setup


Install rFpro on Windows 10 System

  1. Download the rFpro executable, usually in a compressed archive.
  2. Install this executable on the Windows 10 system. The installation procedure is usually as follows:
    1. Extract the archive file downloaded in Step 1 to a folder on the Windows 10 machine. For example, C:\rFpro.
    2. Run the program ‘rFproWorkstationConsole.exe’ in folder ‘C:\rFpro\AdminConsole’. After starting this, click on ‘Generate Registration Codes’ from the ‘Tools’ menu. This will give a registration code. Please send this to rFpro to get the license for rFpro.

Configure rFpro to Use External Physics Engine

  • On the Windows machine, start the rFpro Work Station Console. Define the settings as mentioned in the installation guide.
    rFactor Workstation Console
    Figure 2: rFpro Workstation Console
  • Specify the Physics settings as shown above. The IP address in the Properties dialog is that of the Windows (local) machine. Be sure to select the Use 3rd party physics check box.
  • Edit the following rFpro configuration files in a text editor:
    • C:\rFpro\rFpro\Plugins\SimControlPlugin.ini – Ensure the following settings have the values specified below

      Note:LocalIPAddress and RemoteIPAddress both specify the IP address of the Windows machine (local IP).

    • C:\rFpro\rFpro\Plugins\RemoteModelPlugin.ini – Ensure the following settings have the values specified below
  • Ensure that the firewall on the Windows machine is configured to allow traffic on the ports specified above.

Configure SimWB to Talk to rFpro

Make sure you have a RTDB item named “input.rFpro_StartSession” in your RTDB.

In the SimWB Control Center, add an rFpro I/O task. Configure it with the same IP address as the rFpro Windows machine.

rFpro I/O Mapping in SimWB Control Center
Figure 3: SIMulation Control Center I/O Mapping for rFpro.

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