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Guaranteeing Real-Time Performance

Concurrent’s SIMulation Workbench modeling environment and RedHawk Linux real-time operating system running on iHawk integrated platforms are used by many of the world’s leaders in the transportation industry for their reliability and performance.

Because today’s test engineers are often challenged by tight schedules and cost reduction, there is an increasing need for hardware-in-the-loop test stands and simulators that are flexible, easy to use and feature rich.


SIMulation Workbench

SIMulation Workbench control software makes it easy to run automotive component models in rigorous hardware-in-the-loop test environments.

RedHawk Linux

RedHawk Linux delivers guaranteed, microsecond deterministic response so simulators and test stands always perform as expected.

NightStar Tools

NightStar tools allow engineers to find solutions to difficult problems quickly and tune systems to achieve maximum performance.

ImaGen Visual Servers

ImaGen visual servers help automotive engineers build high-fidelity realistic driving simulator IGs.

SIGnal Workbench

SIGnal Workbench provides the signal conditioning and fault insertion features needed in many automotive test stands.

Industry Testimonial

RedHawk OS is an exceptionally cost-effective, high-performance software development platform to advanced mission-critical services for new business of SK Telecom in the field of mobility as a service including connected car and autonomous driving. SK Telecom is utilizing the RedHawk OS in fast-prototyping of lowlatency autonomous driving services for coming autonomous driving era. We think that the RedHawk OS can also be deployed in commercial in-vehicle platform for autonomous driving services connected with 5G and the next mobile networks after 5G. With the RedHawk OS, SK Telecom has been able to make rapid progress in the mobility service R&D even with relatively weak infrastructure for automotive technologies.

Jincheol Kim

Principal Research Scientist, SK Telecom


Case Study: Dallara Automobili

World-leading race car builder Dallara Automobili taps Concurrent Real-Time to help it build cars – and revenue.

Case Study: Daimler AG

Concurrent iHawk™ and ImaGen™ Platforms play integral role in new Daimler driving simulator.

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