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The increasing need for determinism and ever-shorter latency guarantees

The revolution in technology in the 21st century has resulted in explosive growth in methods, tools and technologies, and has ushered in a corresponding need for real-time operating systems. As ever-more industries address the need for real-time solutions, it’s imperative to carefully understand the comprehensive offerings to ensure that the system not only provides the necessary features of determinism, but the guaranteed response time under load.

Read our latest overview and compilation of real-time systems for simulation.  This whitepaper covers topics including:

  • What is a real-time system and why is it needed?
  • Hard RTOS versus soft RTOS
  • The real-time spectrum
  • The role of Linux in RTOS
  • Applications requiring hard real-time solutions
  • The importance of Hardware-in-the-loop

And much more.






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