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NightStar Tools

Real-time Linux debugging and analysis tools

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What is NightStar?

Concurrent’s NightStar™ is a powerful, integrated toolset for debugging and analyzing time-critical Linux applications. NightStar tools run with minimal intrusion, thus preserving application execution behavior and determinism. Users can quickly and easily debug, monitor, schedule, analyze and tune applications in real-time.



Robust Set of Tools

NightStar GUI-based tools reduce test time, increase productivity and lower development costs. Time-critical applications require debugging tools that can handle the complexities of multiple processors and cores, multi-task interaction and multi-threading. NightStar’s advanced features enable system builders to solve difficult problems quickly. NightStar tools are available for a range of popular Linux distributions.

An overview of NightStar tools

NightView - Source Level Debugger

NightView is a powerful, full-featured debugger for real-time systems. Most debuggers require users to frequently stop and restart applications, which can interfere with its real-time operation so much that a bug cannot be reproduced to be investigated. NightView can perform most operations without stopping and restarting applications, including collecting information and modifying the behavior of active applications. Application deadlines are not affected, and real-time performance is never compromised.

NightView GUI

NightTrace - Event Analyzer

NightTrace is a tool for displaying and analyzing the dynamic behavior of applications, the Linux operating system and the interaction between them. NightTrace can log events from multiple processes executing simultaneously on multiple CPUs or systems. NightTrace can also combine user-defined application events with OS events to present a synchronized view of the entire system.

NightTrace GUI

NightProbe - Data Monitor

NightProbe is a tool for monitoring, modifying and recording data values from multiple, independent application resources, including programs, shared memory segments and memory devices. NightProbe can be used in development for debugging, analysis, prototyping and fault injection, or in a production environment to create a GUI control panel for program input and output.

NightProbe GUI

NightTune - System and Application Tuner

NightTune provides a GUI for monitoring and tuning application and system performance. Users can monitor the priority, scheduling policy, CPU assignment and CPU usage of user applications. NightTune also monitors system CPU usage, context switches, interrupts, memory utilization, and disk and network activity.

NightTune GUI

NightSim - Application Scheduler

NightSim is a tool for scheduling and monitoring time-critical applications that require predictable, cyclic process execution. Ideal for simulation applications, NightSim allows developers to dynamically adjust the execution of multiple, coordinated processes, their priorities, scheduling policies and CPU assignments. Users can monitor the performance of applications by displaying period execution times, minimums and maximums, and optionally pause all application execution when any process overruns its allocated frame.

NightSim GUI
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