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FPGA Workbench

Build customized FPGA solutions

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What is FPGA Workbench?

FPGA Workbench provides a complete development environment for building customized solutions based on Concurrent Real-Time’s programmable FPGA cards. FPGA Workbench includes a powerful GUI for selecting and configuring a wide range of pre-developed data acquisition and industry-specific modules to meet your application requirements.

FPGA Configurator

Use our FPGA Configurator to customize your solution and request a quote. Our experts will work with you to build the solution to meet your needs at your budget.

Use the Configurator

A screenshot of the FPGA Configurator

FPGAWB NPhase Wave Generator

Watch the introduction to our nPhase Waveform Generator FPGA module. This powerful IP module can create up to 16 phase-related waveforms, allowing you to control amplitudes, phases, and carrier frequencies. Watch as its its capabilities are demonstrated with a six-phase alternator example and learn how FPGA Workbench simplifies FPGA development, simulation, and real-time hardware interactions.

FPGAWB User Module – Getting Started

This video provides a comprehensive guide to creating and modifying user model projects in FPGA Workbench. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the step-by-step workflow for setting up user module projects, explore the directory structure, and discover how to efficiently customise projects. The inclusion of custom Verilog files in template projects and the addition of a custom user module function is also demonstrated.


Programmable FPGA Cards

Concurrent Real-Time’s family of programmable FPGA PCIe cards feature a powerful field programmable gate array that supports both digital and analog I/O. The cards can control up to 96 digital I/O signals along with 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs. Each card’s I/O functionality is fully customizable by the user by means of the FPGA Workbench tools. The cards are available with 362K or 504K logic elements. (Model numbers: 362K: CP-FPGA-2,  504K: CP-FPGA-3)

  • 96-channel digital I/O
  • 16-channel 16-bit digital-to-analog conversion
  • 16-channel 16-bit analog-to-digital conversion
  • Altera Arria V family FPGA
  • 1GB DRAM
  • TCXO clock source
  • 8-output programmable clock generator
  • Industry standard SCSI 68-pin VHD connectors for I/O
  • RJ-45 connectors for multi-board synchronization
  • PCI Express x4 revision 1.0a
  • Isolated power on all I/O
  • Optional NIST traceable calibration

Read more about our real-time I/O cards

Programmable FPGA Card

Comprehensive IP Cores

FPGA Workbench includes a powerful library of IP modules to provide the exact functionality any application needs. The library of IP modules includes pulse width modulation, analog I/O, digital I/O, SENT protocol, encoder, ignition, injection, crank/cam shaft, wheel speed sensor and change-of-state, among many others.

View a list of all IP cores
ICS-FPGA-2002FPGA Workbench User HDL Code License
ICS-FPGA-2003FPGA Workbench LVDT/RVDT TX License
ICS-FPGA-2004FPGA Workbench LVDT/RVDT RX License
ICS-FPGA-2005FPGA Workbench Synchro TX License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2006FPGA Workbench Synchro RX License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2007FPGA Workbench Crank/Cam License, 4 lines
ICS-FPGA-2008FPGA Workbench Ignition Injection License,1 line
ICS-FPGA-2009FPGA Workbench PWM In I/O License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2010FPGA Workbench PWM Out I/O License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2011FPGA Workbench Wheel Speed Sensor Lic, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2013FPGA Workbench SENT Receiver License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2014FPGA Workbench SENT Transmit License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2015FPGA Workbench Angular Encoder License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2016FPGA Workbench Angular Decoder License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2017FPGA Workbench Knock Sensor License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2018FPGA Workbench Analog Threshold Lic, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2019FPGA Workbench 3-Phase Inverter Lic, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2020FPGA Workbench PMSM Motor License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2021FPGA Workbench Wave Gen License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2022FPGA Workbench High-Pres Fuel Pump Lic, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2023FPGA Workbench Change of State DIO Lic, 64 lines
ICS-FPGA-2024FPGA Workbench FOC License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2026FPGA Workbench UVW Encoder, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2028FPGA Workbench Resolver TX License, 1 line
ICS-FPGA-2029FPGA Workbench Resolver RX License, 1 line

Intel Altera Quartus Prime

FPGA Workbench uses the Altera Quartus Prime Standard Edition for Aria V Development software that makes it easy to customize a card to meet your exact I/O requirements. Altera tools allow users to develop and integrate their custom HDL code targeted for the Aria V FPGA on the Concurrent RealTime FPGA boards. Altera’s Qsys tool eliminates manual system integration tasks and allows you to focus on designing the custom I/O functionality you need. The Qsys system integration tool saves design time and improves productivity by automatically generating interconnect logic to connect intellectual property (IP) functions and subsystems.


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