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SIGnal Workbench

Flexible, programmable signal conditioning and fault insertion solutions

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What is SIGnal Workbench?

Concurrent’s family of SIGnal Workbench products provides flexible, programmable signal conditioning solutions for a wide range of automotive, aerospace and data acquisition applications. SIGnal Workbench is ideal for hardware-inthe-loop test stands and dynamic data processing and monitoring systems for engines and rotating machinery.

SIGnal Workbench is a complete solution that can provide everything needed for high-cycle testing: realtime computer system, data acquisition I/O cards, programmable signal conditioning, cabling and powerful GUI test software for data acquisition control, management, display and post-test analysis. Together with Concurrent’s SIMulation Workbench modeling software, SIGnal Workbench offers a powerful solution for ECU and other subsystem testing that require fault insertion. SIGnal Workbench’s programmable signal conditioning hardware is available separately with a control API for real-time applications that require analog input conditioning.

A Signal Workbench system


General Purpose Signal Conditioning​

For versatile signal conditioning needs in diverse applications, our company provides a dedicated 4U rackmountable chassis designed for general-purpose signal conditioning. This standalone unit includes all essential power supplies and cooling mechanisms, ensuring reliable operation. The chassis boasts twenty 3U 220mm slots, each capable of hosting general-purpose signal conditioning (GPSC) cards. When scalability is a priority, configurations can be tailored by employing multiple 3U chassis stacked within a cabinet. Our extensive range of

GPSC cards is engineered to meet the demands of various test systems. Each card is equipped with four or eight signal lines, offering flexibility based on specific conditioning requirements. Front-mounted test points on each GPSC card simplify signal breakout for comprehensive testing. Our team of experienced engineers is readily available to collaborate on delivering customized, rackmounted configurations that align seamlessly with individual customer specifications.

Fault Insertion Signal Conditioning For Automotive and Aerospace Testing

For automotive, aerospace and other test applications requiring fault insertion, Concurrent offers a standalone 4U rackmountable fault insertion signal conditioning chassis that contains all necessary power supplies and cooling provisions. Each chassis contains twenty 3U 220mm slots that can hold fault insertion and signal conditioning (FISC) cards . When a large number of FISC cards are required, special configurations can be provided using multiple 3U chassis stacked in a cabinet.

Concurrent offers a wide range of FIS cards that are designed for various automotive and aerospace custom test systems. Each card has either four or eight FIS signal lines, depending on the conditioning requirements for each card type. FIS cards include front mounted test points providing a breakout function for each signal. Concurrent engineers are available to deliver customized, rackmounted, test configurations to meet individual customer requirements.

Programmable Signal Conditioning for Data Acquisition

SIGnal Workbench features individually programmable signal conditioning modules that provide four channels of configurable transducer interface circuitry on a 3U eurocard. Mounted in a 4U chassis, each channel provides a programmable current voltage output source and a fault-protected programmable gain amplifier. Selecting the voltage source mode allows the module to be configured as a strain conditioner. All of the functionality required to condition signals from sensors that use 1⁄4, 1⁄2 or full bridge transducer configurations are supported in this mode.

SIGnal Workbench also offers 4U 4-channel thermocouple signal conditioning cards with type J and K miniature PCC connectors. Each connector has individually-monitored cold junction temperatures. Other thermocouple connector types are available upon request.

Real-Time Data Acquisition Platforms

SIGnal Workbench solutions are available with Concurrent iHawk multiprocessing platforms running the RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. SIGnal Workbench platforms are custom-configured to meet the needs of your test application. Storage, memory size and processor performance can be selected in accordance with test run durations and channel count requirements. RedHawk provides the fully deterministic performance needed in high-performance, time-critical test applications.

SIGnal Workbench systems feature one or more 32-channel, 24-bit Sigma-Delta analog input boards supporting a rate of 216 Ksamples per second per channel. Other simultaneous sampling PCI and PCIe analog input cards are also available. The iHawk computer system, signal conditioning chassis and cabling can be optionally mounted in a 14U or 34U rackmount cabinet.

Data Analysis and Monitoring Software

SIGnal Workbench solutions are available with APEX Turbine DS software. APEX-DS is a state-of-the-art, real-time, dynamic data acquisition and monitoring environment developed to meet the requirements of modern gas turbine R&D, engine production and engine overhaul test facilities. With APEX-DS, SIGnal Workbench is a complete turn-key solution for acquiring, storing and processing dynamic data signals.

The built-in real-time monitoring features of APEX-DS allow users to choose from any number of frequency domain and/or time domain engineering plots in real-time and plot vibration channels against performance parameters with no limit on number of plots and no performance impact. APEX-DS also offers remote monitoring. With this option, users have the ability to monitor test data on any number of real-time displays either at the test facility or a remote location.


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