Pulse Width Modulation Cards

Handle PWM signals in real-time applications

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What are the Pulse Width Modulation Cards?

Concurrent’s FPGA-based Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) cards are ideal for use in highperformance hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation and test applications. The PWM input card is designed for capturing pulse width modulated signals with high accuracy. It features a timing resolution of 15 nanoseconds and the ability to measure the frequency and duty cycle. The PWM output card can autonomously generate TTL pulse width modulation signals with a timing resolution of 50 nanoseconds and has the ability to program sine frequencies, PWM frequencies, dead-band and duty cycle in real-time.

The PWM input and output cards are fully supported by Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux operating system on iHawk simulation platforms. Multiple cards can be installed in a single system. A Molex LFH-60 connector is mounted on each card for connection to external devices.

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Pulse Width Modulation Card



Input Card

12-channel TTL inputs

66 MHz measurement base frequency

Minimum pulse width of 15 ns

Minimum period of 30 ns

Pulse-width/period accuracy of 2 internal clock cycles

Programmable pulse width averaging (max 127 pulse average)

Measurement frequency range of 0.05 Hz to 660KHz

Measurement duty cycle of 0-100%

Programmable digital debouncing filters on every channel

Output Card

3 modes of operation (12 outputs)

  • 2 channel, 3 phase complementary PWM outputs
  • 1 channel, 6 phase complementary PWM outputs
  • 12 channel PWM outputs

66 MHz board frequency

20 MHz PWM base frequency i.e. timing resolution of 50 nanoseconds

12-bit PWM signal resolution


FPGA-based PWM board

Supports multiple cards per system

External connectors: Molex LFH-60


DimensionsFHHL PCI Express

Power Requirements

Power RequirementsApproximately 5 Watts

Ordering Information

12-channel PWM Input CardCP-PWM-1112
12-channel PWM Output CardCP-PWM-1012
RedHawk Linux Driver (Input Card)WC-PWM-1112
RedHawk Linux Driver (Output Card)WC-PWM-1012
SIMulation Workbench License (Input Card)ICS-SWB-1243
SIMulation Workbench License (Output Card)ICS-SWB-1238
PWM Interface Assembly with 6-foot CableCX-LFH60

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