Digital Input Change-of-State Card

Track change of state of digital inputs in real-time

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What is the Digital Input Change-of-State Card?

Concurrent Real-Time’s Change-of-State (COS) card is a 64-channel TTL interface that can track the change of state of digital inputs at 100 MHz (10 nanoseconds). The card features an x4 lane PCI Express interface for high speed transfer of data to and from the card. Individual channels can be masked to disable change detection. A 10 microsecond clock is also output on pin DIO_95 that can synchronize other systems to the clock on the COS card.

The COS card uses a FIFO that has a maximum depth of 128 elements. Each element contains a transition value (64-bit long long) where each bit represents the transition value for corresponding digital input channel. Also provided is a time stamp value (64-bit long long) for the corresponding transition value entry in the FIFO. The time stamp calculator is based on the card’s 100 MHz clock and stores the tick count when a transition occurs. Data is recorded into the FIFO when any of the channels change their state or when the 64-bit counter rolls over.

The COS card is fully supported by Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux operating system on iHawk SIMulation Workbench platforms. Multiple cards can be installed in a single system. A 68-pin VHDCI connector is mounted on each card for connection to external devices.

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Digital Input Change-of-State Card




64-channel TTL

100 MHz base frequency

128 element FIFO

64-bit transition value

64-bit time stamp


FPGA-based COS board

PCIe x4 form factor, FHHL

Supports multiple cards per system

VHDCI 68-pin connector

Power Requirements

Power RequirementsApproximately 5 watts

Ordering Information

Digital Input Change-of-State CardCP-COS-64
RedHawk Linux DriverWC-CP-FIO
SIMulation Workbench LicenseICS-SWB-1279
1-Meter CableCX-CBL-HSI-F-01
2-Meter CableCX-CBL-HSI-F-02
3-Meter CableCX-CBL-HSI-F-03

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