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Delta Sigma Analog Input Card

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What is the Delta Sigma Analog Input Card?

Concurrent’s CP-AD3224 is a 32-channel analog to digital 24-bit delta sigma converter card with a PCI Express interface. The card is implemented using Cirrus Logic CS5368 delta-sigma converters. Each converter has an independently selectable clock source generated by a low jitter PLL. The interface is fully differential right up to the converter inputs for low noise and accurate measurements. Multiboard clocking and synchronization is supported. A RedHawk™ Linux® driver with extensive API including DMA and interrupt support is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

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Delta Sigma Card



Conversion32-channel 24-bit Delta Sigma analog-to-digital conversion
Input VoltageDifferential +/-10V or +/-5V
ADCsCirrus Logic CS5368
ConnectorsRJ-45 synchronization; Industry-standard high density SCSI 68-pin connectors
PCIPCIe x1 Revision 1.0a
MSI InterruptsYes
Independent ClockingFour Channel Groups
Clock GeneratorsLow jitter phase lock loop
Conversion Data RegistersDirectly addressible
Word Conversion64K FIFO with DMA
Analog Power GenerationLow noise
Voltage CalibrationPositive and negative
Gain/Offset CalibrationValues accessible
Input ImpedanceDifferential: >1 megohm (10V), >200K ohm (5V)
Sampling Rate2Khz to 216Khz
OthersNIST Traceable Calibration Standard; In-system calibration


DimensionsFull Height PCI Express 3.8" (9.5" long x 8.0" high)

Power Requirements

Power RequirementsLess than 25 Watts
Details3.3VDC @ 2Amp, 12VDC @ 1.2Amp


Operating Temperature10° to 40° C
Storage Temperature-40° to 65° C
Relative Humidity10 to 80% non-condensing
OtherROHS Compliant

Ordering Information

32-channel, 24-bit Delta Sigma +/-10V A-to-D PCIe cardCP-AD3224-DS-10
32-channel, 24-bit Delta Sigma +/-5V A-to-D PCIe cardCP-AD3224-DS
RedHawk Linux DriverWC-AD3224-DS
SIMulation Workbench LicenseICS-SWB-1242
3/6/10-foot 68-pin Host Interface CableCX-CBL-HSI-68-nn = 03, 06, or 10
1/10/30-foot 68-pin Analog I/O Sync CableCX-ALOG-SYNC-nn = 01, 10, or 30
Analog I/O Terminal Breakout ModuleCX-CBL-AIO-BRKOUT

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