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Configurable Multi-Function FPGA Card

What is the Configurable Multi-Function FPGA Card?

The Configurable Multi-Function FPCA Card is a flexible programmable FPGA card that can be adapted to serve many purposes. Several of Concurrent Real-Time’s specialized cards are extended from this card, including the Engine Sensor Simulation Card.

Programmable FPGA Card



96-channel Digital I/O5V 4mA TTL; digital I/O direction per nibble; high speed digital isolators
D-to-A OutputSingle-ended 16-channel 16-bit
D-to-A Output Voltage0 to +10V, +/-5V or +/-10V
D-to-A Output Update Rate100K updates/second per channel
D-to-A Output DetailsRange selection; 10 Milliamp output drive
A-to-D InputDifferential or single-ended 16-channel 16-bit
A-to-D Input Voltage+/-5V or +/-10V Input Range
A-to-D Update Rate300K updates/second per channel
Altera Arria V Family FPGA362K logic elements


Clock SourceTCXO
Clock Generator8-output programmable
ConnectorsRJ-45 synchronization; Industry-standard high density SCSI 68-pin connectors
PCIPCIe x4 Revision 1.0a
Isolated PowerAll I/O
NIST Traceable CalibrationOptional


DimensionsFHFL PCI Express (12.3" long x 3.8" high)

Power Requirements

Without External ConnectorUp to 25 watts
With External ConnectorUp to 60 watts


Operating Temperature10° to 40° C
Storage Temperature-40° to 65° C
Relative Humidity10 to 80% non-condensing
CoolingForced Air Required
OtherROHS Compliant

Ordering Information

Configurable Multi-Function FPGA CardCP-CMFIO-T1 FPGA card w/20 PWM 2 wheel sensor and 2 SENT
Configurable Multi-Function FPGA CardCP-CMFIO-T2 FPGA card w/64 PWM 8 wheel sensor and 4 SENT
Configurable Multi-Function FPGA CardCP-CMFIO-T3 FPGA card w/96 PWM 24 wheel sensor and 8 SENT
RedHawk Linux DriverWC-CP-FIO
SIMulation Workbench LicenseICS-SWB-1277
1-meter cableCX-CBL-HSI-F-01
2-meter cableCX-CBL-HSI-F-02
3-meter cableCX-CBL-HSI-F-03
Breakout ModuleCX-CBL-AIO-BRKF

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