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Concurrent Real-Time Introduces FPGA Development Platform

September 11, 2018

Concurrent Real-Time, a global provider of high-performance Linux solutions, today announced FPGA Workbench, a complete development environment for programming Concurrent’s high-performance FPGA PCIe cards. FPGA Workbench leverages Intel’s Altera Quartus Prime Standard Edition software package and includes a powerful GUI for selecting and configuring a wide range of pre-developed data acquisition and industry-specific modules to meet automotive, aerospace and other industry-specific requirements

Concurrent Programmable FPGA Cards

Concurrent Real-Time’s family of programmable FPGA PCIe cards feature a powerful field programmable gate array that supports both digital and analog I/O. The cards can control up to 96 digital I/O signals along with 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs. Each card’s I/O functionality is fully customizable by the user by means of the FPGA Workbench tools. The cards feature isolated I/O power, high-speed digital isolators and multi-board synchronization. Optional NIST traceable calibration is available for the analog section. The cards are available with 362K or 504K logic elements.

“FPGA workbench is the ideal development environment for complex applications such as automotive testing, aerospace control systems, advanced robotics, and a range of autonomous applications.” said Ken Jackson, Concurrent Real-Time President and CEO. “FPGA Workbench gives your business the advantages it needs to compete – and win – in today’s evolving, technology-driven markets.”

About Concurrent

Concurrent Real-Time is the industry’s foremost provider of high-performance real-time computer systems, solutions and software for commercial and government markets. Its real-time Linux solutions deliver hard real-time performance in support of the world’s most sophisticated hardware in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulation, high-speed data acquisition, process control and low-latency transaction processing applications. With over 50 years of experience in real-time solutions, Concurrent Real-Time provides sales and support from offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Visit for further information.

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