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June 16, 2015

New Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Products

Pompano Beach, FL

Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR), a global provider of high-performance Linux® and storage solutions, today announced a new suite of products targeted at the growing hardware-in-the-loop automotive simulation and testing market. The company launched a new FPGA-based Engine Sensor Simulation card and SIMulation Workbench™ 7.1, an updated version of its advanced software-based modeling environment that is ideally suited for automotive simulation applications.

SIMulation Workbench 7.1 is a powerful modeling environment that provides a complete framework for developing and executing real-time hardware-in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulations for automotive, aerospace, and defense applications. SIMulation Workbench 7.1 adds support for Concurrent’s new Engine Sensor Simulation card, as well as an FPGA-based multi-function analog and digital I/O card, and a programmable FPGA card that offers customizable functionality.

“Automotive companies are demanding simulation solutions that deliver better performance and flexibility in order to improve quality, enhance safety, and reduce their time-to-market for new products,” said Ken Jackson, Concurrent’s Senior Vice President of Real-Time and Linux. “By coupling our new SIMulation Workbench software and FPGA cards with the power of RedHawk, our real-time Linux OS, we have created a more complete, capable, and cost-effective solution for automakers seeking an alternative to proprietary hardware-in-the-loop testing solutions.”

SIMulation Workbench enables complex simulations to be run on a single multi-processor system with many cores, delivering better performance and reduced cost when compared to legacy solutions that rely on distributed, shared memory configurations. It fully supports hand-coded models and models developed using MathWorks’ MATLAB/Simulink® products and other popular modeling tools such as VI-grade, SIMPACK, AMESim®, Virtual.Lab Motion, Dymola®, MapleSim™, and GT-Suite.

The company’s new Engine Sensor Simulation card is built on Concurrent’s family of FPGA cards which feature a powerful field-programmable gate array that supports both digital and analog I/O. The cards can control up to 96 digital I/O signals along with 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs. Concurrent’s Engine Sensor Simulation card is designed to support the testing of two- and four-cycle engines with up to sixteen cylinders and four independent, variable-phase camshafts at engine speeds up to 30,000 rpm with 0.001 rpm resolution.

Concurrent will demonstrate SIMulation Workbench version 7.1 and showcase its new Engine Sensor Simulation card in Stand #1371 at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Germany on June 16-18, 2015.

About Concurrent Real-Time

Concurrent Real-Time is a leading provider of high-performance real-time computer systems, solutions and software for commercial and government markets worldwide. The Company’s RedHawk™ Linux® solutions deliver hard real-time performance for the most sophisticated X-in-the-Loop simulation, high-speed data acquisition, process control and low-latency transaction processing applications. Through support of NVIDIA® Jetson™ platforms, RedHawk Linux is also ideally suited for complex real-time CUDA® applications.

With over 55 years of real-time expertise, Concurrent Real-Time‘s solutions enable customers to gain the competitive edge and reduce costs by accelerating innovation and reducing time-to-market. Headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL, the Company provide sales and support from offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and is part of HBK’s Virtual Test Division.

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Lisa Thornhill
Marketing Communications Manager
Concurrent Real-Time
800 NW 33rd St.
Pompano Beach, Florida 33064
(954) 973-5112
[email protected]

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